Osamu Watanabe

Osamu Watanabe graduated from Tokyo Zokei University in 2003.
He is a prolific artist who has pioneered the technique of Sweets DECO for arts, and he has appeared on various television shows including “Tokyo KAWAII TV” (NHK), “Tetsuko no Heya special” (TV asahi) and so on.
His art pieces which use fake fresh cream of different colors, candies and fruit have attracted a lot of public attention in Japan and overseas for example, in China, Indonesia, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, U.S.A. Korea.
He has published 3 books, and 5 museums have collected his pieces including Ohara Museum of Art and Kiyosu city Haruhi Museum.
[Public collection]
Ohara Museum of Art, Kiyosu city Haruhi Museum, Shiga Kogen Roman Museum, Takasaki city Museum, Okazaki World Children Museum
  • Art works book “SWEET OR UNSWEET” / from BNN,Inc.
  • “OSAMU WATANABE POSTCARD BOOK” / from parco publishing
  • “Watanabe Osamu Sweets DECO method” / Seibundo-Shinkosya Publishing